Curricular Awareness

The Curricular Awareness Team will consist of faculty from each of the participating institutions who will review curricula to identify areas for action and awareness across the four courses in the biology core curriculum:

  1. Introductory Biology I: Cells and Molecules.  Contact – Rebecca Thomas (
  2. Introductory Biology II: Ecology and Evolution.  Contact – Jeff Leips (
  3. Genetics.  Contact – Stephen Page (
  4. Cell Biology.  Contact – Patti Turner (

The specific aim of the Curricular Awareness Community is to document the process and evaluate the impact of creating a community of faculty from UMBC and the four CCs.  The Curricular Awareness Teams will examine the core biology curricula, identify barriers to content mastery, and determine content areas for the development of active learning modules.  These modules will be designed to improve undergraduates’ abilities to apply quantitative reasoning to topics in these core curricula.

In addition to the Biology Curricular Awareness Teams above, we also have a Math Team, who work collaboratively with the Biology teams on both curricular awareness and module development activities.  The contact for the Math Team is Beatrice Lauman (