Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Community will consist of colleagues from each institution who will promote faculty training on evidence-based teaching approaches and the pedagogical use of quantitative modules.  This will include sharing a variety of professional development opportunities at the participating institutions that members of the NIQB Consortium can engage in.

Members of the Faculty Development Community include:

AACC: Andrea Zamora

CCBC: Jean Ashby

HCC: Amy Chase Martin

MC: Tom Cantu

UMBC: Linda Hodges and Sarah Leupen

For a list of Faculty Development workshops that members of the NIQB Consortium can participate in, please visit the Faculty Development Workshops page.  Please visit the Faculty Resources page for links to teaching and learning resources that may be of interest to faculty within the NIQB-IUSE Consortium.

Questions about the Faculty Development Community can be directed towards Linda Hodges (lhodges@umbc.edu)