2020 NIQB

Given the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are making changes to plans for the 2020 NIQB.

A Virtual Annual Symposium, where each Module Development Team will present on the details and initial pilot of their quantitative biology modules, will take place on the afternoon of June 4th.  Details on this event are forthcoming.

The 3-day NIQB workshop, where teams will start the development of new QR modules, is being rescheduled for January 2021.  The event will be hosted at Montgomery College – Germantown.  Details will be shared soon.

Faculty Development Workshops

For a list of Faculty Development workshops that members of the NIQB Consortium can participate in, please visit the Faculty Development Workshops page.

IUSE Calendar

Please refer to this calendar for the schedule of events related to the NIQB-IUSE Project.  Questions about this calendar, or to add or remove an event from the calendar, please contact Laura Ott (